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The materials contained in the digital archive The Years of the Cupola are the property of the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore, which makes them available to the public with all rights reserved. The rights of authorship of this work belong to Margaret Haines.

Users may freely consult the digital archive and may reproduce a maximum of 5% of the total text published electronically, for the sole purpose of documenting scholarly publications. Written permission of the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore is required for all other types of use (commercial, reproduction of images, collections of documents exceeding 5%, etc.).

All works that utilize information derived from the texts contained in this digital archive or that otherwise reproduce them within the stated limit of 5% of the electronically published material must cite the source in the following terms:

The Years of the Cupola. Digital archive of the sources of the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore, 1417-1436, Margaret Haines, ed., Florence, Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore, copyright year of the edition consulted (present at the bottom of every HTML page). Finally give the URL address of the site consulted and, in parentheses, the date of access to the data.

From 2001 to to 2012 the Florence site address was:
< http://www.operaduomo.firenze.it/cupola >.

In 2013, for technical reasons, the address was changed to:
< http://archivio.operaduomo.fi.it/cupola/ >.

A redirect assures the access from the widely published old address to the new.

The Berlin Max Planck address remains stable and unchanged:
< http://duomo.mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de >.

Access to the archive implies acceptance in their entirety of the conditions detailed above.

For authorizations and further information regarding the rights of the digital archive The Years of the Cupola please contact:
Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore
via della Canonica 1
500121 Firenze, Italia
tel. +39 055 2302885
fax +39 055 2302898
e-mail: cupola@operaduomo.firenze.it

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