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Project Sponsors

The Years of the Cupola was undertaken as a "pilot project" by the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore, which has financed it directly since 1994. The project has also enjoyed significant outside financial support. The Opera gratefully acknowledges the grants received from:
The Getty Grant Program of the J. Paul Getty Trust
Assessorato della Cultura of the Regione Toscana
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
John Treacy and Darcy F. Beyer

The Opera further thanks the following institutions for important collaborative contributions essential to the realization of the project:

Max-Planck-Institut for the History of Science, Berlin - conversion of data into XML format and HTML programming for Internet; mirror site in Berlin
ECHO (European Cultural Heritage Online) - programming for the prototype of the virtual archive of images and contribution towards the cost of acquisition and preparation of photographic material
Department for the Conservation of Books and Manuscripts, Fachhochschule, Cologne – digital photography of flood-damaged books
Institute of Computational Linguistics of the National Research Council (C.N.R.), Pisa, DBT group – furnishing and customization of basic software for data analysis and consultation in DBT
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